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25 Oct 2020

If you think website development is an easy task, you are mistaken. There are various stages and steps of website development that have to be followed to develop a website. Technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript give the web its shape and define the way we interact with information. Just like anything else, these steps have to be followed to get an amazing final product. Most people are unaware of the development stages which give a website its final shape. 

If you are looking for hiring a web development company, you must be aware of their working process. Krishang Technolab goes through all the steps of website development to deliver the most amazing and feature-rich website to you. Krishang Technolab provides a wide range of real estate website design services for our global customers. In this blog, we have listed down the seven steps of the website development cycle and will explain to you the web development process that we follow at Krishang Technolab.
So, let us get started. 

The Steps of Website Development

Interacting with the clients and understanding their needs 

The very first step is, of course, interacting with the clients and understanding their needs and requirements. It is often believed that the web development process begins with designing but the fact is that the first and the most crucial step is understanding the client’s needs and requirements. This builds up the trust between the clients and developers.

If the clients have some technical knowledge, it becomes easier to understand them however if they are unknown to rfp website redesign and website development, further clarification helps to serve them better. Our developers are friendly and understand the client’s needs and clearly explain to them everything about the website development project. 

Gathering of information by deep research 

At this stage, our team of developers gathers relevant information for the project because every project is different and therefore requires different planning and research. Deep research and analysis about the industry, targeted audience, outcomes, etc. are then required to develop an amazing web app.

Krishang Technolabs believes that research is as important for developing an impeccable website as studying is for an exam. We never compromise on the research part and always gather all the necessary information related to the web project. 

Planning of the project  

Planning the project is another major step in the web development process. A solid plan backed up by deep research and analysis is a roadmap towards the destination. One of the important parts of the planning stage is deciding on the sitemap. It is an organized structure of your web app that connects different pages. It helps the users to easily navigate through the website. 

All the planning takes place with the involvement of the client so that the client knows how exactly the blueprint of the website development project is formed. 

 Design of the project 

Once we have the sitemap, it’s time to design each page of the web application. At this stage, designers use their creative skills to design attractive logos, animations, buttons menus, and other project-based needs. Your web app gets a unique identity. 

The design of your website speaks a lot about your brand and business as it is the first thing customers will notice. The first impression matters a lot and therefore, the designing part has to be done with utmost care. The designers at Krishang Technolab make sure to create amazing designs so that your website looks amazing and attractive. 

Development of the project 

Now let’s come to the backbone of the whole process which is the development of the website. This is the stage where the designs get approved by the clients and further process the development process is divided into two parts- frontend and backend. 

Frontend development

The front is the development of the client-side app which is visible to the users. All the designs made in the previous stages are then converted to HTML pages with necessary animations with effects. As mobile development is becoming quite popular, a responsive website is a must. 

Backend development 

Backend development is the development of the server-side app that is the soul of the fronted and makes the user interface into a working web app. 

Testing and deployment 

After the website is developed, it goes through several tests to make sure that the app is ready to be used. This is also done to ensure there are no bugs. A quality check is done where various tests are performed such as functionality tests, usability tests, performance tests, etc. that ensure that the web application is ready for launch. These tests also help in improving the web app in the future. Once the testing is done properly and our developers give it a tick, the website is ready to launch. 

Post-launch service and Maintenance 

The web development process doesn’t end after deployment. There are several post-deployment services that a good and trusted web development company must provide. We make sure to provide after-launch services to our clients. We also provide maintenance services for website development to our clients to make sure their website runs smoothly. 

This stage is as important as any other stage because support and maintenance for website development, as well as new updates, are equally necessary for great user experience and satisfaction of the clients. 

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Web Development Services include various stages, beginning from understanding the clients’ understanding to deep research to designing, then development, and finally website launch and after-launch maintenance. Sometimes it also becomes a time-consuming task. Now when you know the stages of website development, you must know it is also important to hire the right and trusted web development company to make sure that none of the steps above is missed and a great and attractive and developed. 

If you are looking for a trusted web application development company for your next project, you can hire Krishang Technolab to make sure that all the above steps are followed properly and a feature-rich website is developed. Our professional web developers will provide you great user experience and satisfaction. 

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