What are the new features in angular 14?

27 Jun 2022

What's New in Angular 14?

One of the best creations of Google, Angular 14 is in the news again. Everyone is aware of Angular, a typescript-based web framework by Google. It has a lot to offer, especially in the corporate sector. Ever since it was launched in 2010, it has only earned popularity, and that has helped it to become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today.

Well, we will talk in length about Angular, but the question of the hour is, why is this framework hitting the headlines these days? Let us answer your ‘why’. So, Angular has finally released its latest version, which is Angular 14. It’s back in the game with this latest version which seems quite promising and worthy of all the wait.

In this blog, we are going to dig deep into all that’s new in the new Angular 14 version. We will talk about what new update has in store for the Angular developers and what does the new version look like in terms of features and updates. So, stay with us as we explore the new update and its nitty-gritty.

What is Angular?

Angular is a web and app development platform built on typescript. It is a component-based framework for building scalable and effective web applications. Angular is known for having a collection of libraries that are well-integrated and cover a wide range of features such as routing, forms management, client-server communication and more. Moreover, Angular is a complete package of developer tools to help the developers build, test, and update their code to develop praise-worthy web applications.

When the new Angular 14 version releases?

The Angular community released the all-new Angular 14 on June 2, 2022. From going to 100% in the previous release of Angular 13 to the addition of new primitives in the Angular kit, the release of Angular 14 comes with many advancements and improvements.

Moreover, there are several new features that this new release is said to have come up with. We will discuss these features and new additions in this blog. So, stay with us and keep reading.

What is new in the Angular 14 release?

Firstly, we will discuss all that’s new in the Angular 14 release and how it could help with Angular development. So, let’s begin.

1. Standalone components

Standalone components streamline the authoring of the Angular applications by decreasing the requirements of ngmodules. In the new update, standalone components are in developer preview. These standalone components are all set to be used in the Angular application development.

2. Typed Angular forms

With the new release, the GitHub issues have been put to an end. Typed fonts make sure that the values inside the form controls, groups, and arrays are safe across the API surface. This enables using safer forms, especially for deeply nested complex cases.

Typed Angular forms in Angular 14 have been designed on public requests for comments and design reviews which were built upon the prior prototyping, work, and testing of Angular community contributors.

3. Extended developer diagnostics

New extended diagnostics in Angular 13 provide an extendable framework that gives more insight into the templates and provides scope to improve them as well. Moreover, with the new Angular 14 release, diagnostics render compile-time warnings with exact and actionable suggestions for the templates. On top of it, it also catches bugs before the run time.

4. Streamlined best practices

Angular 14 has been released with the intention to help the users experience something that makes them feel more convenient. With a whole new set of change detection instructions on Angular.io, Angular V14 has a set of built-in tools that allow the developers to build top-quality applications. From routing to the code editor, the new Angular 14 offers new modification detection instructions on Angular.io.

5. Catch the invalid “banana in the box” error

A common developer syntax error is to flip the brackets and parentheses in a two-way binding and writing ([ ]) instead of [( )]. You might be wondering what’s up with the term “banana in the box”, well let us help you with that, so () looks like a banana and [] looks like a box, and that’s how the error got its name.

As this error is technically valid syntax, the framework’s CLI has recognized that this is rarely what the developers look for. The new release of Angular has detailed guidance on how to solve this error, that too within the CLI and code editor.

6. Tree-shakable error messages

The new release brings new runtime error codes. These powerful error codes make it simple and quick to recognize the information on how to debug the failures. It also has the feature of building an optimizer to keep error codes white tree-shaking error messages from production bundles.

To detect the whole text while debugging a production problem, Angular recommends visiting Angular references manuals and replicating the mistake in the development environment. Moreover, devs will keep on reconstructing current errors slowly to use the updated format in future versions.

7. Catch nulling coalescing on non-nullable Values

Extended diagnostics give rise to errors for useless nullish coalescing operators in Angular templates. This error rises up when the input is not “nullable.” This means its type does not compromise null or undefined. Extended diagnostic shows as warnings during ng build, ng serve, and in real-time with the Angular Language Service.

Let’s look at more Built-in Improvements in the Angular 14 Release

After discussing the improvements and additions in the new Angular 14 release, let’s have a look at some of its built-in improvements and how these improvements will contribute to the success of the Angular framework further.

Protection of components members

In the new Angular 14, there is access to bind protected component members directly to your templates. This new feature offers more control over the public API surface of the reusable components.

Optional Injectors in embedded views

Angular 14 adds support for passing an optional injector during the development of an embedded view through ViewContainer.Ref.createEmbeddedView and TemplateRef.create.EmbeddedView.These added injectors add value to the Angular framework by enabling the dependency behavior to be personalized with any specific template.

Ngmodel on push

The new Angular 14 has many additions and one of them is that the community distribution puts an end to the top issue and ensures that the NgModel changes are reflected clearly in the UI of OnPush components.

Ng cache

Ng cache renders a way to control and print cache information from the command line. With the new ng cache feature of Angular 14, the users can now enable, disable, delete from disk, and print various statistics and information.

Ng analytics

The CLI’s analytics command enables control of analytics settings and print analytics information. The detailed output of the communicates the analytics configurations and provides the teams with measuring data to inform the project prioritization.

Availability of Angular DevTools

With the new Angular 14, the Angular DevTools debugging extension is now available for offline support. The credit for introducing this new feature goes to a community contribution by Keith Li.

Experimental ESM application Builds

Lastly, Angular 14 introduces an experimental esbuild-based system for ng build, and this system compiles with ESM output. To enable and try this new feature in the Angular framework, you can update the browser builder in your Angular.json.

"builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser"
"builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser-esbuild"

How can you install the new Angular 14?

As the new Angular 14 is in action, everyone is looking forward to installing the new version of the Angular framework. You can eitherupgrade it all by yourself or take the help of Angular programmers to upgrade your Angular version to the new Angular 14 release.

So, here’s how to go about installing the new Angular 14 version.

Install Angular 14 via npm by employing the next flag

Open a new command-line interface and enter the following command.

npm install --global @angular/cli@next

Using this command, you can install the new version of Angular CLI worldwide on your development machine.

See, how simple is it to install the new Angular 14, isn’t it? With such a simple installation process and great new Angular 14 features and additions, AngularJS web development services are bound to improve in the future.

How to upgrade from Angular 13 to Angular 14?

Visit this link to upgrade from Angular 13 to 14 https://update.angular.io/

Looking forward to upgrading to the Angular 14 version?

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