What’s new in Laravel 9? Let’s get more about Laravel 9 new features.

25 Feb 2022

What Are The New Features Of Laravel 9.

Laravel’s success is not hidden from anyone. It goes on without saying that Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. Laravel development is scalable, flexible, and responsive, and that is why people trust Laravel web development services for their precious PHP projects. Not just the clients, but Laravel has also become a favorite PHP framework for many developers.

Before we talk about the new release of Laravel 9, we need to have a quick look at what Laravel is all about. So, let’s take you through an introduction to the Laravel framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for developing simple to complex web applications. It uses PHP programming language and MVC architecture for Laravel web development. With its robust features and features, it has become a favorite among clients as well as developers.

If you are new to Laravel, you should know about its core features. So, let’s see what some of the best features of Laravel are.MVC architecture makes the PHP language relatable by following a web development pattern with significant improvements.

Artisan CLI

CLI or command line is an important aspect of the Laravel framework. This feature enables the Laravel developers to create or modify any part of Laravel development from the command line.


Security is a major concern of web and app development. Lack of security can have major consequences, and therefore, Laravel comes with many security measures to make sure the data is safe and secure.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent’s ORM hands down one of the best features of Laravel as it enables seamless interaction with the data model. It also enables writing complex SQL queries to access data from the database.

What is the new Laravel 9 release all about?

Laravel is known for being faster and smoother, and with every new Laravel update, the features just keep getting better. The fresh Laravel releases bring new functionalities, improvements, features, and many more.

The new release of Laravel 9 has created quite a buzz among tech enthusiasts, developers, and the Laravel community. With this new release on 9 Feb 2022, the framework has moved to a 12-month major release cycle.

This article will explore the key features of the new Laravel release. These new Laravel features will enhance the Laravel development services and attract more clients towards the Laravel framework.

Now, let’s have a look at the features of Laravel that have got everyone talking.

1.Minimum PHP requirement

First and foremost, Laravel 9 requires the latest PHP 8 and PHP Unit 8 for testing. this is because Laravel 9 uses the latest Symfony v6.0, which also requires PHP 8.PHP 8 has several improvements, features, and improved functionality, which is great for smooth and quick Laravel development.

2.Anonymous stub migration

Laravel is set to make anonymous stub migration default when you run the migration command. The stub migration feature was released in Laravel 8.37 to solve the Github issue. From the Laravel 8.37 release, the framework supports anonymous class migration, and with the release of Laravel 9, the stub migration feature will be the default behavior.

3.New query Builder interfere

With the Laravel 9, type hinting is highly reliable for refactoring, static analysis, and code completion. With the release of Laravel 9, the developers can enjoy the new query builder interface to enable type hinting, refactoring, and static analysis.

4.Controller Route Groups

With the new release of Laravel 9, the Laravel developers can use the ‘controller’ method to use the controller feature for all routes within the group. The route group feature is useful to apply attributes to all the routes. The new Laravel 9 enables applying the attribute to each route individually to avoid any duplication.

5.PHP 8 string functions

Laravel 9 targets PHP 8, and therefore, it has merged with the PR to use the latest PHP string functions in the new version of Laravel. Now, if you hire dedicated Laravel developers, they will be able to use the PHP 9 string functions for Laravel development.

The features mentioned above were the all-new features of Laravel 9. If you are a Laravel developer, knowing these new features will help you offer top-notch Laravel web development services in future Laravel development projects.For all those looking forward to hire Laravel Programmers for their web development projects, before you hire Laravel developers, make sure they are well-versed with the latest Laravel features and functionalities.

Are you looking for a skilled Laravel development company?

If you want to hire dedicated Laravel developers from the best Laravel web development company, you need to make sure the company has the required experience and expertise in offering next-generation Laravel web application solutions. Make sure to check a few things about the Laravel development company before hiring them.

Here are the factors you should consider before hiring Laravel developers-

  • Experience in Laravel development
  • Portfolio to check their past projects
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  • Laravel development team
  • Rates of Laravel web development services
  • Geological location of the developers
  • Delivery time of project

The factors mentioned above must be kept in mind when you hire Laravel programmers for your next project. Make sure to ask the Laravel developers whatever doubts and queries you have and then discuss your project requirements with them.

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