Why shopify is the best platform for eCommerce startup?

20 Jun 2022

Why shopify is the best platform for eCommerce startup?

The world has been witnessing massive growth in the number of startups in the past few years. A startup is the outcome of an entrepreneur’s undying dedication, planning, and constant efforts. Bringing an idea to life is challenging, but one can make it happen with the right resources, smart planning, and decision-making.

Among the major decisions that entrepreneurs have to make at the beginning of building a startup, choosing the right eCommerce platform is a top most priority. Choosing an eCommerce platform is crucial to give an online presence to the startup, and that’s why it’s not something one should decide in a rush. This decision must be taken with the utmost care and precision.

When we talk of the most popular platforms among the startups globally, Shopify seems to be everyone’s favorite. But why is that so? Well, the first and most basic reason is its popularity. We must tell you that Shopify is much more than just being popular. We will talk about these reasons in this blog later but before that, let us know the Shopify eCommerce platform a little better.

What is Shopify all about?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform trusted by millions for having an abundance of unique features, built-in marketing tools, and great support. Shopify allows both beginners as well as experts to set up their eCommerce store with much ease. With Shopify eCommerce development, starting, growing, and managing a business becomes simpler and flawless. Many entrepreneurs rely on Shopify web development services for their projects, and Shopify doesn’t disappoint them.

Now let’s have a closer look at the myriad of reasons behind Shopify’s widespread popularity.

A hosted solution

While starting a business, web hosting can be challenging. Hosting a shopping cart requires technical know-how and quite a lot of time, and startups often are often not sufficient in either of them. But with Shopify, it’s an easy ride. With Shopify’s cloud-based setup and hosted solution, worrying about servers and databases is a thing of the past.

A Shopify store can be assessed from anywhere with admin login details and a solid internet connection. Another thing worth flexing about Shopify is that it supports multiple payment gateways, which makes the whole Shopify development store pretty seamless.

Inbuilt marketing tools

Shopify has some amazing inbuilt marketing tools that lower the overall cost of a startup. Shopify’s inbuilt tools allow adding page titles, meta titles, unique URLs, and meta descriptions. Moreover, it also enables making pages visible and invisible and even redirects the pages whenever required.

Another thing worth noting about Shopify is that it enables the users to optimize the store as per their preference. It also integrates into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, which are some of the most famous social media platforms out there.

Amazing technical support

Running an eCommerce store requires solid technical support. This support is required mostly to run an online store with an eCommerce shopping cart. Shopify is known for its 24*7 technical support, which means the users can reach out to customer care whenever any errors arise in the Shopify store.

Having a great support also means the eCommerce platform doesn’t let down its customers and users and always resolves their queries on time. Thus, Shopify’s web development is backed by support that never disappoints.

Advanced functionality

Shopify is known for providing advanced functionality with a plugin/application style platform that enables the users to download, install, and customize the site. Along with many features to enhance sales and social media promotion, it offers several other features like inventory management, accounting, and reporting.

Moreover, Shopify also has a feature of setting email autoresponder so that the Shopify store can be run on autopilot.

Free trials

Shopify knows its potential for eCommerce development and, therefore, offers a 14-day free trial pack. The only thing needed to create an account for Shopify is by providing a few contact details and answering a few questions, to begin with. The sole purpose of a 14-day trial is to test all the features of Shopify.

During these 14 days, the users can add the products, create product variants, create collections and link them, change storefront design, check language support, product filter, store setup, and dashboard settings.

Speed and security

Speed is a crucial factor in the successful running of any eCommerce store. In today’s world, where everyone is in a hurry, do you think someone would wait for your site if it takes longer than 3-4 seconds to load? No, right? Well, with Shopify, that’s not the case. With a built-in speed checker, the Shopify store runs quickly and seamlessly.

Similarly, when it comes to security, Shopify doesn’t disappoint here either. Shopify website development services are appreciated for being secure, and therefore, some of the biggest brands rely on it for building highly secure eCommerce stores.

Visually attractive eCommerce store

With a wide range of professional templates, Shopify enables the building of attractive and visually appealing eCommerce stores. Moreover, Shopify has a treasure of themes to choose from as per your eCommerce store’s needs.

Apart from the range of themes, there are online theme editors with which Shopify developers and designers can develop a myriad of Shopify themes locally with a theme kit. There are thousands of other Shopify sites running successfully worldwide. Now, let’s move along and talk about certified Shopify experts.

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This blog will cover everything about the Shopify store, beginning with Shopify eCommerce store development basics to the Shopify web development services you need to know about. 

Why hire certified Shopify developers for your next project?

As we talked about Shopify website development and popular Shopify sites, you must be thinking about your own startup and how you would go on with that. Well, businesses often think about whether they should develop their Shopify store on their own or hire a Shopify development company for expert Shopify development services.

We will not say developing a website on your own is a bad idea, but it sure is a big responsibility. Those not having expertise in Shopify might not do justice to the project. Thus, hiring an expert Shopify development agency is the right path to follow.

Let us give you some more reasons why you should hire certified Shopify developer for your upcoming project. Have a look at the reasons below.

Custom shopify store development

Shopify programmers and developers are experienced in providing customized solutions, and thus, they give a unique look to the whole website as per the unique requirements. When you have an experienced team of hire Shopify certified developers working for you, you can rely on them to fulfill your custom website development needs

Acknowledged with third-party APIs

When you hire skilled Shopify expert developers, they provide certain enhancements to make your Shopify store look and work extra well. Shopify developers use several third-party API integrations such as accounting, shipping, inventory, ERP, CRM, marketing tools, and social media tools.

Enhance customer experience

Undoubtedly, hiring Shopify developers will result in an enhanced customer experience. When experienced developers come on board, it’s obvious that the customer experience goes beyond expectations. Moreover, delivering an excellent customer experience interprets brand loyalty and builds trust as well.

Comprehensive development

Professional Shopify developers have an eye for detail and, therefore, provide Shopify website development services with the utmost professionalism. They bring in new ideas and build a Shopify store worth admiring. You can either go for mid-level or senior developers who will best assist you in developing the best online solutions.

Agile methodology

Developers who adopt agile methodologies are always in demand. This is because the agile methodology is a highly adopted branch of software development. Expert developers offer Shopify website development following agile methodology and openness to change.

These are a few reasons to hire dedicated Shopify developers for your Shopify eCommerce development store. Also, when you decide to hire Shopify experts developers, make sure to hire them from a renowned Shopify eCommerce development company.

Do you have an exciting eCommerce project coming up?

Do you have an exciting eCommerce store project in mind? Are you gathering resources, to begin with, Shopify store development? If yes, why not reach out to us? We have worked successfully pulled off Shopify website design and development for several industries, so far and are always excited to work on new Shopify store development.

If you have unique ideas and want to share them with a Shopify development company that understands your goals like their own, consider meeting us for a quick discussion.We would like to learn more about your company and your major goals and would love to give our output on the same.

Here is the range of Shopify services offered by Krishang Technolab

  • Shopify website design and development
  • Shopify store setup
  • Shopify eCommerce development
  • Shopify theme development
  • Shopify website migration
  • Shopify enterprise development
  • Shopify support and maintenance

Final words

If you are looking for Shopify programmers, experts, and developers for hire for any of the services mentioned above, you can easily reach out to us. Krishang Technolab is a well-known Shopify development agency known for developing quality solutions with utmost dedication. Our team of Shopify development never fails to give their hundred percent and offer a high-class customer experience.

So, let’s discuss your Shopify project, with eCommerce store development and let us our Shopify certified developers help you establish your business in the industry in full bloom.

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