Why Laravel is best for enterprise web application?

29 Aug 2022

Why Laravel is Best For Enterprise Web Applications

We are all well aware of Laravel’s popularity today. It has earned tremendous recognition in the past few years for being one of the most popular frameworks for developing robust web apps. Today, dynamic websites are a key to running any business successfully, and Laravel owns up to that job well.

Created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is one of the most compatible PHP frameworks today. The best thing about Laravel is that it used Model View Controller making it easy to learn and use. With new and innovative apps entering the market all the time, Laravel is compatible with many industry apps including enterprise level web apps. Lately, industries are trusting Laravel to a great extent for building complex laravel enterprise web application for their businesses.

In this blog, we are mainly going to focus on the reasons that Why Laravel is best for enterprise web applications. However, before beginning with the reasons, we will first talk a little more about the Laravel frameworks itself. So, let us get going.

What is enterprise web application development exactly?

Enterprise application development is different from typical app development in that it requires high functionality and out-of-the-box features to fulfill complex business requirements.

Enterprise apps are specifically developed for high-profile business purposes and thus require more careful execution, agile methodologies, and a robust platform to build the app.

What makes Laravel an ideal framework for enterprise app development?

As we already mentioned above, using Laravel development for enterprise web app development is an all-time high we will see what are the real reasons behind the increasing fondness for Laravel enterprise web application development. So, let us discuss it in detail.

1.The presence of Laravel artisan

First introduced in Laravel 3, Artisan refers to the command line interface that offers useful commands to develop mobile apps. With the help of this tool, the programming tasks that used to be repetitive earlier can be performed easily. With Artisan and its outstanding features, developers are finding it easier to maintain a clean and efficient industry-standard code. The great thing about this code is that it can be further modified whenever needed.

2.Easy coding

Laravel has a blade template engine which enables Laravel developers to write the code easily. Moreover, it enables the developers to use plain and simple PHP codes with much ease. Laravel also comes with many off-the-rack widgets, such as CSS and JS codes. This is one of the primary reasons behind such astounding and widespread popularity of the Laravel framework for enterprise web application development.

3.High security

Another important reason Laravel is a framework that is considered ideal for enterprise application development. Laravel is quite renowned for its security among developers as well as enterprises. Its ability to block the malware makes the app’s data safe and secure from any threats or hacking possibilities. Big and complex enterprise apps require a high level of with security and thus building enterprise web application with Laravel would make the apps immune to cyber attacks. Also we build high level Banking Software Development for global.

4.Optimum performance

Every single business aims to develop an app that performs up to the mark. Enterprise apps are no exception. The kind of performance that enterprise apps desire is fulfilled by the Laravel framework. It deploys tools that help the developers to improve the web application and its overall performance. Being a unique enterprise web application framework, Laravel stands true to the performance it promises for enterprise web application development.

5.Route caching

This feature of Laravel increases the overall loading speed of the web application. However, there is one drawback to this feature. Once you activate the route caching, any alterations made in the application wouldn’t be reflected in the live environment. In simple words, you can only view the changes during the deployment of the app. Route caching is a good feature for enterprise web application development as it helps with increasing the speed of the enterprise web application.

6.The modular approach of the framework

Laravel framework is extremely easy to use. On top of it, it comes with around 20 built-in libraries, which make the framework very engaging for the developers. With the help of this feature, the developers can create a user-friendly and easy-to-use enterprise app with unmatched functionality and a truckload of features. If the enterprise app is more complex than usual, this feature ensures that the complexities are taken care of and maintained well.

7.Faster development

Gaining a competitive edge over other businesses is the top priority of every business these days. This is the reason that they look for fast app development and launch their app in the market sooner than others. Every business wants faster results; thus, relying on Laravel makes much more sense. Lastly, Laravel’s versatility exudes practicality to the users.

8.Hybrid app adoption

As the number of mobile users increases every second, the demand for hybrid apps is also increasing manifolds. High-profile businesses are investing a lot of time and money. Laravel has earned recognition as a robust PHP web app development framework for developing hybrid apps. Thus, if enterprises wish to develop hybrid enterprise web application for their businesses, Laravel undoubtedly makes up an apt choice.

9.Traffic management

Laravel has a message queue system that balances the activities with other systems in the framework. Even when more traffic arrives at the web app, a message queue system maintains the data without compromising the app speed. This ensures that the server stays healthy even during high traffic and traffic management is carried out in the most seamless way.

10.Efficient unit testing

Laravel framework has a lot to offer to developers. Among the many functionalities of Laravel, one of the crucial functionalities is unit testing. Unit testing is the testing of modules or components for web applications. Unit testing makes sure the app doesn’t have any broken elements. Additionally, unit testing makes sure that web apps are free of any exceptions, errors, or bugs before launching them in the market. All in all, Laravel’s unit testing ensures a bug-free and high-performing enterprise web application development.

What are the top features of the Laravel framework?

Let us first begin by talking about the top features that make Laravel quite popular. Read these features with us ahead.

Template engine

Laravel houses many lightweight templates that help developers to create amazing layouts using content seeding. The templates provided by Laravel frameworks have been designed to create a simple layout with different sections.


Laravel comes with a built-in tool for the command line known as Artisan. This tool enables developers to perform many programming tasks that are difficult to perform manually. Moreover, Artisan is also used to create an easy-to-manage database system.

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The new release of Laravel 9 has created quite a buzz among tech enthusiasts, developers, and the Laravel community. in this new release the laravel framework has moved to a 12-month major release cycle.

Object-oriented libraries

Laravel is known for having object-oriented libraries as well as pre-installed libraries. The deal with Laravel is that the pre-installed libraries are not found in any other PHP framework. In addition, Laravel has many other modules that enable developers to build responsive and modular web apps.

MVC support

Laravel supports MVC architecture which ensures that the business logic and presentation layers are kept separate at all phases of development. Laravel’s MVC pattern provides a number of built-in functionalities that help to increase the application’s performance, security, and stability.


Laravel has been a popular choice for years among web designers and developers due to its unit-testing features. With this framework, a plethora of tests can be run to guarantee that any changes made to the program aren’t causing any malfunction.

Database migration

Laravel migration system is helpful in expanding the structure and schema of the database of the web application. With the database migration feature, the risk of losing data is very less.


Application security is one of the prime concerns in web app development. Laravel framework uses prepared and pre-designed SQL statements that make injections possible. Thus, when it comes to security, Laravel stands up to the mark.

After going through the top features of the Laravel framework, we will now proceed and focus on the reasons that make the Laravel framework an ideal choice for enterprise app development. So, sit back and let us take you through one reason after another in the blog ahead.

As we talk of a robust platform or framework, we can’t help but talk about the Laravel PHP framework. We will further discuss how Laravel makes up an ideal framework for developing a feature-rich enterprise web application.

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  • Laravel support and maintenance

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