NodeJS vs Python : Which backend framework works great for your business?

09 Aug 2023

Nodejs vs python : Which backend framework works great for your business?

Among the other backend frameworks, Node.js and Python are the popular ones for web app development. It may not be easy for business owners to choose between nodejs vs python both these backend frameworks are gaining immense popularity.

To sort out this dilemma for business owners as to whether they should go with these framework for their app development, we will compare the two frameworks in terms of different parameters like scalability, performance, security, etc. So, let us head towards a precise comparison between Nodejs vs Python so that you can choose the right framework for your business in 2023.

Introduction of NodeJS and Python


An event-based framework like Node.js adds to the efficiency of your project. Due to its asynchronous characteristics, Node.js is capable of handling simultaneous requests without the need to block I/O operations. Hence, most top NodeJS development companies go with Node.js so that they can use JavaScript for both server side and client side development.

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Python is a comprehensive, premium, and object-oriented language. Its existence in the market for almost 30 years makes it one of the best backend frameworks. Also, Python comes with plenty of APIs, ancillary tools, and libraries. Python helps create efficient business applications. Python has a huge user community base and supporting platforms which makes it the perfect programming language for businesses looking to build applications for different use cases.

NodeJS vs Python : Pros and Cons

Pros of Node.js

Microservice development flexibility

If you are planning to develop a microservice model, you need to have numerous executions of development and components. Node.js offers free components that enable the developers to use different modules parallelly. Using microservice development makes it simple for businesses to take care of testing & product quality.


Node.js support both the front and back end of an app which means you don’t need to hire Nodejs developers for the app development. It directly saves development costs and speeds up the development process keeping the quality of the app intact.

Robust Tech Stack

Node.js helps developers access entire JavaScript resources and stack. Along with JavaScript resources, Node.js offers support from a huge user community. App development becomes easy with Node.js using MEAN technical stack wherein you get excellent front-end, back-end, and database support for efficient development.

Cons of Node.js

Callback Hell

When it comes to Node.js, challenges arise due to nested callback function outcomes in callback hell. This occurs because Node.js is asynchronous. So, in case of multiple callback events, it reduces the quality of code and it becomes difficult to resolve and preserve.

Volatile API

It is one of the main cons of Node.js which is a recurrent API switch that gives rise to back-end incompatibility. Due to this incompatibility, the codes get altered and become more volatile.

Not able to process CPU-Based Activity

Node.js is unable to perform high-level multitasking because it works using single threads which makes it hard for Node.js to carry out CPU-bound tasks.

It means when you receive a request, the system will work on that request only and take the next request only after completing the first one. This results in reduced system speed and can cause extreme delays in processing the requests.

Pros of Python


Python is known to be pretty flexible and compatible with many other platforms and programming languages. Also, the Python framework helps the developers to embed other languages, tools, and platforms as needed during product development. Instances, where Python can merge well, are C#, .NET, C, etc

Faster Development

Python offers a faster interpretation of code to enable faster development. As compared to other programming languages, Python involves less coding during project development thereby saving a lot of time in the development phase and allows build fast apps.

Huge Library

Python comes with huge library support to allow app developers to build different applications like game development, machine learning, web development, etc.

The libraries available with Python are simple to use for developers and facilitate the re-use of library code to initiate custom development.

Cons of Python

Reduced Execution Speed

The speed of Node.js vs Python is pretty slow as compared to other programming languages which is because it reduces the execution time. In Python, the code execution takes place line by line which in turn slows down the overall web app development process.

Memory Exhaustion

When it comes to web application development, the memory exhaustion rate should be quite less to boost the performance and speed of an app. With Python, developers face memory consumption problems at a higher rate which results affects the quality of solutions provided.

Incompatible with Mobile App Development

Well, Python is incompatible with mobile app development hence it is not ideal for native app development. Also, Android and iOS are not compatible with mobile development built on Python.

NodeJS vs Python : Comparison using various parameters

Nodejs vs Python Performance Parameters

NodeJS vs Python : Performance And Speed


  • Having non-blocking and even-based modes, Node.js helps process countless requests simultaneously and accelerates the execution of code.
  • When we discuss Node.js vs Python on a parameter of performance, Node.js helps the developers to code even from outside the browser with the help of TCP sockets thereby increasing its efficiency.
  • Node.js development allows fetched data caching which is not likely to alter. It increases the speed of development as compared to Python web development.
  • Node.js app responsiveness and performance are impeccable as you can operate JavaScript code on the V8 engine.


  • One flow of code is utilized by Python which makes it process the requests slow.
  • Python comes with inbuilt architecture that limits the process of multi-threading.
  • Want to recall the data faster? Python can disappoint you in this case.
  • Python may not be the best option if you are looking for high speed and performance on a priority basis on your app or need an app that should process tricky calculations.

On the basis of Performance and speed, Node.js wins the race.

NodeJS vs Python : Scalability


  • Node.js framework is the perfect choice for app development as it offers multithreading through its asynchronous model which offers higher scalability.
  • Node.js utilizes a series of microservices and modules for its features. Hence, if a business wants to scale the app, it is just about adding a couple of modules.
  • The framework helps you scale vertically & horizontally.
  • Node.js or Python? Well, Node offers plenty of options when it comes to typing terms. It means you can pick between weakly-typed JavaScript or strongly-typed TypeScript.


  • One of the major problems with Python is the Global Interpreter Lock as it doesn’t back multi-threading. When it comes to scalability it can be enhanced using imported libraries, but it cannot fight the natural Node.js scalability.
  • When it comes to large-sized projects and increasing demands of development, Python is not the best fit.
  • When the Python system expands, it becomes tedious to maintain it.

Again, Node.js is the winner in terms of scalability.

NodeJS vs Python : Absoluteness


  • Out of the main reasons why Node.js is so popular is the JavaScript tool. Interestingly, it helps you work on both front and backend development using the same programming language. It proves to work great when it comes to resources.
  • Node js is helpful in different use cases like cloud, mobile apps, IoT solutions, and web apps.
  • Also, Nodejs comes with cross-platform functionality which means you can use a desktop app on Windows OS, Mac, and Linux.


  • Python helps you with back-end and front-end development due to its universal nature.
  • Additionally, Python facilitates cross-platform utilization too. Mac and Linux accompany pre-configured Python. For Windows, the users will have to install a Python interpreter.
  • This framework is the best option for AI & NL, and IoT but not the best pick for Python mobile app development.

Here, among Node.js and Python, both frameworks are winners.

NodeJS vs Python : Architecture


  • The architecture of Nodejs is event-driven and with asynchronous output and input, it contributes to faster development. So, Node js preferred option for web games and chatbots.
  • The framework can handle multiple requests at the same time. During the process, it will not block the thread and offers lightning speed too.


  • Python proves to be synchronous among js and Python and hence slow. It means, if you are developing a project involving a chatbot, this language will not help you. But, to execute simultaneous processes you can make the most of the Python Asyncio library.
  • Despite being one of the well-known programming languages, Python is not event based but you can turn it into event-based using modules such as CPython.

As Node.js is event-driven, asynchronous, and has non-blocking architecture, the winner is Node.js.

NodeJS vs Python : Extensibility


Over a while, Nodejs’ popularity and the benefits it brings to businesses have risen due to which you will see a new tool, framework popping up with this framework every day. Some of the well-known and widely used ones are

  • Webpack- helps module binding
  • Babel – helps with frontend development
  • Jasmin – helps with testing
  • – helps with project management


Offers remarkable extensibility with ample frameworks useful for web development which makes Python one of the amazing options for backend development.

  • Flask – Helps with web development
  • Robot – Helps with acceptance-level testing
  • Web2py – Helps with agile development of web apps(data-centric)
  • Django – Helps with backend development

Both Node.js & Python are amazing when it comes to extensibility. So, both are winners.

NodeJS vs Python : Learning Curve & Syntax


Node.js is a JavaScript-based framework so anyone knowing JavaScript will not have any issue learning it. To hire an experienced Node.js development company, you should know the right tricks for smart hiring.


Not having JavaScript knowledge and want to choose the right technology to learn, then Python is the perfect choice as it is easy to learn.

With easy-to-learn codes, you can master them easily.

Python wins the race as it is easy to learn.

NodeJS vs Python : Error Handling


With multithreading options of Node.js, you can get high performance. But, Nodejs executes multiple requests at the same time, so you may encounter runtime errors which may not be easy to deal with.


Python backs robust troubleshooting using compact and clean code. Also, Python is unable to handle simultaneous processing which simplifies the debugging.

Here, Python wins the race over Nodejs as clean code is crucial for any framework.

NodeJS vs Python : Community


Node may not be as old as Python but owns a huge community because it is an open-source platform. Hence, you can rely on the community for support.

When you hire a dedicated Nodejs developers, he will be able to get support from other developers and after you hire Nodejs developers you can rely on them for best results.


When we discuss Python vs Nodejs, the former is the old language and hence owns a larger community with experienced developers in the community.

This community supports everyone and Python offers you the best platform to hire Python Expert for website development.

When it comes to community support Python vs Node.js yields almost the same results. Both own huge communities where getting help becomes easy.

NodeJS vs Python : Use Cases


Node.js development is the correct approach if you have a data-centric project to develop which needs the transfer of real-time data. Node.js offers more flawless data streaming than Python. Node.js can be used for projects like

  • Games & 3D Graphics
  • Chatbots
  • E-commerce stores
  • Content Management Systems


Some of the perfect use cases of Python are:

  • DevOps & Testing Automation
  • Big Data
  • Science & engineering
  • Technical projects in the government sector


Afterward getting into the details of Node.js vs Python, you must have known that each backend framework is better in different ways. When you decide to choose between Node.js and Python, accordingly your project requirements first to understand which of the two frameworks suits your projects. You need to know the features and functionalities you need in your project to choose wisely between Node.js and Python.

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